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“I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.”

My rating for this is 4.5/5. This was a book I was very hesitant to pick up. The story line wasn’t enthralling me and the vast majority of readers enjoyed it. I thought it was all about an overly hyped book with fantasy elements, but I never would have guessed that I would have loved it this much.

The story line is about six individuals who travel to undertake an impossible request for a lot of money in compensation. I do not like how it is called a heist and I do not agree that the characters are morally gray. The characters took a long time to get adjusted to (with all the flipping back and forth between different POVs) and I found myself immersed in Inej as a character. Kaz Brekker, my least favorite, was an incredibly rounded character. The way this book was written gave me the impression that Kaz is a genius and is extremely thorough in all his undertakings (he is always one step ahead of everyone). The other characters were fine to read from, I did not dislike any.

I gave this book a chance and it finally picked up after 100 pages of boring introduction and world building. The trade, boats, and thug atmosphere really put me off and confused me. I am still unclear about certain characters, events, and world building. This book gave me a feeling of complete gloom and doom, which is my favorite. The setting was perfect, from what I could grasp.

I commend this book for being able to build up the plot and have the main event take place over halfway through the book… all while I’m still dying to see what happens next. The romance between two characters were ridiculous and I did not like it. The other romance..which delt more with death or survival really pulled on my heart strings.My biggest complain: the last chapter of the book. It was extremely unfulfilling, especially since it covered a character only briefly seen here and there in the book itself.