Coraline Book Review ♥


“‘Now Coraline,’ said Miss Spink, ‘what’s your name?’

‘Coraline’, said Coraline.”


Most people will know what the story Coraline by Neil Gaiman is about. Our main character, Coraline Jones, moves into a huge mansion with her parents. The mansion is separated and closed off to become different sections like big apartments. She wanders around the house and discovers a door but when she unlocks it, it just shows a brick wall from the closure of that apartment. After weird events take place she finds herself back at the door, but it is no longer closed up by bricks. She learns that this new opening leads to an apartment identical to her own and even includes her other mother and other father, along with a cat who appears every now and then in both worlds.

My rating for this book is a 4/5 stars. The book elaborates more on the characters at play so you can see how sarcastic the cat really is, and how dreadfully creepy the other mother is. My favorite character was the cat and he is even more sarcastic in the book than the movie. The scenes are a little different from book to movie but the movie is almost identical to the book in the dialogue aspect. There is, however, no character named Wybie which disappointed me. Overall, the characters and scenes were very much realistic and flowed smoothly.

The novel is pretty short and is filled with creepy situations and characters. Towards the ending of the book, you see Coraline change from a scared girl to a brave adventurer as she tries to save her family, three lost souls, and herself from danger.


One thought on “Coraline Book Review ♥

  1. Wahh! I sooo want to read the book to see the differences too! I’ve seen the movie, but I haven’t tried any Neil Gaiman books yet; that is definitely something I need to fix ASAP! 😀 Awesome review!

    – Lashaan


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