Coraline Book Review ♥


“‘Now Coraline,’ said Miss Spink, ‘what’s your name?’

‘Coraline’, said Coraline.”


Most people will know what the story Coraline by Neil Gaiman is about. Our main character, Coraline Jones, moves into a huge mansion with her parents. The mansion is separated and closed off to become different sections like big apartments. She wanders around the house and discovers a door but when she unlocks it, it just shows a brick wall from the closure of that apartment. After weird events take place she finds herself back at the door, but it is no longer closed up by bricks. She learns that this new opening leads to an apartment identical to her own and even includes her other mother and other father, along with a cat who appears every now and then in both worlds.

My rating for this book is a 4/5 stars. The book elaborates more on the characters at play so you can see how sarcastic the cat really is, and how dreadfully creepy the other mother is. My favorite character was the cat and he is even more sarcastic in the book than the movie. The scenes are a little different from book to movie but the movie is almost identical to the book in the dialogue aspect. There is, however, no character named Wybie which disappointed me. Overall, the characters and scenes were very much realistic and flowed smoothly.

The novel is pretty short and is filled with creepy situations and characters. Towards the ending of the book, you see Coraline change from a scared girl to a brave adventurer as she tries to save her family, three lost souls, and herself from danger.


Sacrificed (The Last Oracle Series) Review


“You are powerless to your emotions; they consume you. As long as that is the case, I cannot trust you with the secrets of the Deities, but I will make this final caution. Learn to rein in your temper, your love, learn to separate these feelings from duty. Accept that Ali is a Vessel.”


Sacrificed is the first installment in the Last Oracle Series by Emily Wibberley. My rating for this is a 3.75 because I had some issues with the ending and although I enjoyed it, I did not love it. The story follows a girl named Clio who is in a family of Oracles, which are like religious leaders, that only women by the way are allowed to be a part of, who have the Sight. The Oracles have visions and use those visions to kill others to please the Deities, kill to help others, or for any reason that would better everyone. Clio, however, does not believe that the Oracles duties are any good, so she carries this burden with her through the entire book. Her family was murdered by people who wanted to get rid of the Oracles and the lineage. They took Clio’s older sister, one that she was closest with, and killed all the other women in her family. She journeys into another land as a slave to try to rescue her sister but finds that she needs some rescuing herself. Her journey leads her to Riece, a guard who oversees the slave offerings to the deities. Together they try to take down the men that killed Clio’s family, all the while making her the last Oracle in the region. With her now stark white hair, which indicates she can see visions, she is an easy target to the others who want to harm her.

This book is an extremely original book but does maintain typical YA protocols (i.e. strong female character who will save the day, a journey into the unknown, love triangle, etc.) but this novel is so much more than that. It captivates the readers into the story and I felt a very strong connection with the main character, Clio. She is strong, determined, and will stop at nothing to help the ones she loves. The love triangle made my heart hurt for the guy who always wanted her, and I felt a lot of strong emotions. The pages came alive and were decently descriptive. A few things I did not like about it: The ending. The ending felt extremely rushed, and there was a scene as it got closer that seemed completely unrelated but was put into the novel for whatever reason. I did not like what Clio did in the end, only because it broke my heart. Very original and an interesting concept.

***I did receive this from the author for her book tour, but of course my opinions are 100% my own!***

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief♥ Review


“But Remember:

What belongs to the sea will always return to the sea”


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan was a solid 5 stars for me. This classic middle school series started off on the right note with an amazing and solid first chapter that sucks you into Percy Jackson’s world immediately. The world building was there, the characters were alive, and the adventure was immersing. Riordan subtly puts in the references for certain gods and demigods, making this book not only enjoyable for the adventure but also a book to educate yourself on the Greek gods. For a middle school series, this has to be one of the best reads I’ve had in any genre.

Percy Jackson is young boy who is known as a ‘problemed’ child because he moves from school to school and never seems to get his grades up due to his ADHD. His best friend Grover and his favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner are watchers over Percy to see if he is a son of one of the ‘Big Three’. Strange things happen to him and he is forced to take shelter at Camp Half-Blood where he meets enemies and friends alike. He is given a quest that only he can complete because he is a prime suspect in the to become war amongst the gods. Through the journey we see character development, gods and demi gods, and sticky situations. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth travel to find the missing lightning bolt to save the world from chaos because of the gods feuds.

All the characters in this story were well developed and have a piece of my heart. The writing style is so simple and descriptive at the same time. The fast paced adventure is never boring and there’s always something lurking right around the corner for Percy and the gang. Overall, I highly recommend this book; even if you think the age is off putting, it does not affect the book in any way.