Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares ♥Review


Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares is a novel about a boy named Dash, and a girl named Lily who exchange a red journal type book without ever meeting one another. Dash found the book that Lily hid in the library to get a guy who was her type, or even just a friend. Throughout the book one will write in the notebook and give it to someone else (or tell a riddle so they have to go to a place to drop it off) and it just gets tossed back and forth between the two. The plot is one that I can appreciate, however it is lacking in almost everything.

The main characters are very annoying and talk as if they were English professors, let’s be real; almost no one talks that proper. Half way through and I’m still reading the same dumb things. The characters are just flat but talk with fluffy words. The world building is horrible but in all fairness it is located in New York. I did not enjoy the beginning of the book and forced myself to read over half way with no build up- but the same dumb clues back and forth. They start to get to know each other – as much as you can possibly know someone through a few pages of writing – but again everything is flat.

My rating for this book is 1/5 stars because I could not finish this book. There was nothing romantic about this, or even sweet. Everything was strange and boring with no build up.

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