Awake by Natasha Preston ♥REVIEW♥


*spoilers*  My rating 3.5/5

Awake by Natasha Preston is about a crazy, over the top, religious cult who needs Scarlet to bring them into the afterlife. This novel was a nice paced read that kept me hooked. I kept wondering who was the bad person in it, versus who the protagonist was. Although it was interesting to read, as far as pace is concerned and the storyline, my main issue was that a lot of it seemed unrealistic.

We have the main character, Scarlet who meets our other main character, Noah while in highschool. It is immediate love and that does not generally happen in real life. But, the book does skip a lot of time from their first meeting to Easter, which is Scarlet’s favorite holiday, so it is realistic in time in that sense. Further into the story the parents are seen keeping a major secret from their daughter and then you find out that Noah is part of the crazy cult.

The last half of the book is great and it wasn’t so in-depth with everything but it gave you just enough to understand what was going on. The characters were not out of this world and I did not seem to care for any more than the others. The crazy cult leaders and members were obviously the worst people but I was not drawn to any one character specifically. It was definitely an average book with some pretty out of this world (which could never even happen) circumstances and events but it was nice to read.

*I was give a copy of this book on Netgalley, but as always my opinions are mine 100%.*

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