♥To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before♥ REVIEW


“Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore. I want to be brave, like Margot.”

This extremely sweet, gentle read was such a breath of fresh air. I could not put it down, ask my boyfriend. I was at his house and all I did was read. I was so involved with the characters. My rating for this is a solid 5/5, even though there were a few grammatical errors and sentence structure errors (I could not overlook those).

The story revolves around Lara Jean and her two sisters. Kitty, the younger sibling is such a sassy girl that I wish she was my little sister. Margot, the eldest of the three Song girls goes away to college in Scotland I believe. While Lara Jean copes without having her older sister to reign down the house, her worst nightmare happens. Lara Jean would write a letter each time she fell in love. It was like an escape for her. She would write all her feelings in that letter, seal it up and put it in a hat box that her mother, who passed, gave to her. One day all the letters are sent out to all the boys she loved. One of them being her sister’s boyfriend, Josh.

All the characters were very well developed. Lara Jean was a strong girl, she just didn’t know it. She had her older sister’s strength the whole time and it was nice to see her evolve a little in the book. Kitty was my favorite character but a bratty one. Josh and Peter, two love interest’s of Lara Jeans had a place in my heart. I loved Josh with all of my heart but I wish there was more of him in the novel. Peter is the main guy in the novel. His character is similar to Josh. They’re both kind and love Kitty. But there’s something about Peter I really didn’t like.

The setting was vague and wasn’t very descriptive. I love descriptions more than dialogue so it was a bummer but man oh man was the dialogue worth it. Every sentence was gripping to me. Every Margot and Lara Jean conversation still plays in my head. The story is so gripping and enjoyable. I really do not care for contemporary or teen love novels but this is something completely different. I recommend it to everyone. Give it up for Jenny Han!

4 thoughts on “♥To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before♥ REVIEW

  1. I also recently read this book and I agree with everything you said. Kitty was such a funny character and the dialogue was outstanding. There really wasn’t much setting description, you’re right, but I found that there was more of that in the sequel (I don’t know if you’re planning on reading that/have read that). Great review! 🙂


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