EXCLUSIVE: Author Interview (Katie Cross)

Dear bloggers and book readers,
           I have been able to contact the author of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with her. Her book was one of my favorite reads and if you have not read the review, click here. Below is an exclusive interview or questions & answers.
With so many other novels revolving around witches, werewolves, and mystical creatures how were you able to come up with a fresh and interesting plot

To be honest, I hadn’t done a lot of research into other witch stories until later drafts of MMSFG. I purposefully stayed far away from Harry Potter books and movies because there was already a strong enough resemblance in some aspects (although I’m not really that huge of a HP devotee). After I started exploring books in the witchy world more, I was so happy to see that I had been able to create something unique.

Do you relate to any character the most? Do you have a favorite character?

My favorite character is probably Camille. I want to put my arms around her and just give her a hug. I relate to Bianca the most because I’m an independent free spirit just like her. But Leda was definitely the most fun to write. I love her snarky side.

What scene was your favorite to write?

The scene when Bianca’s friend Jackie uses Diviners cards to read the path of her future. That was a blast to write for some reason, and the most memorable scene for me.

How many books are you planning on making for the Network series?
There will be four in the “official” Network series, and then a prequel titled Mildred’s Resistance. So technically there’s five, but only four of them will rotate around Bianca’s POV.

Is there any idea or theme you want readers to grasp or understand?

I wrote this so that girls could understand they don’t need a man to be somebody. That girls can be strong, independent, and determined and still make things happen, even when they’re scared and imperfect.

Thank you for reading. You can catch Katie Cross and her wonderfully enchanting books at kcrosswriting.

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