Miss Mabel’s School for Girls Review/ Q&A by Author


My rating for this novel: 5/5

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross is about one young witch who gets accepted into Miss Mabel’s school and is racing against time to undo a curse that has been in her family for a few generations. The novel’s state of time felt timeless and the details wove a perfect picture of what was going on. The scenery was gorgeous and it did remind me in some parts of Harry Potter.

I started reading this book with low expectations in the beginning because witches and vampires in recent novels all have the same underlying and quite boring theme. This book was unlike anything I’ve read before. It was refreshing, intense, and I connected well with the main character.

Bianca, the main character is such a strong independent girl who will stop at nothing to get what she desires. Her witty attitude and quick thinking gets her in some troubling events but also helps her out of many difficult circumstances. Her character has such raw and powerful emotions that I got so involved in her mind and felt her anger, her sadness, and her joy. I wanted Bianca to succeed with all my being.

The other characters in this book all take on different personalities that I fell in love with. Bianca’s two friends, Leda and Camille had intense personalities that the author did not stray from and maintained throughout the whole novel. The teachers and classmates also had such distinct traits that you can picture certain characters getting into certain predicaments. Miss Mabel is another strong character and although she portrays the antagonist, she plays it well and really makes you fear her.

Throughout the book the chapters are not numbered but give a title to let you have a tiny peak at what’s to come. The chapters are short which might bother some people but I found myself reading more and more chapters without even realizing I finished one. There is a great deal of descriptive details and enough dialogue to make the novel come to life. The atmosphere is mysterious and probes at the mind.

I give this novel so much praise because of its originality and easy read. I haven’t come across a unique novel like this one in quite a while. While there is no romance, the mysterious environment will latch onto you and will drag you into the world Katie Cross designed so wonderfully. Thank you Katie Cross.

*I received this free copy through Netgalley and my review is completely honest.

The question and answer portion will be in a later post.


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