Of Neptune Review


“What I hope you’re taking away from the Syrena Legacy Series is this: Be proud of all your gifts and embrace them, no matter how “different” they make you feel or how much they make you stand out from the crowd.”  -Anna Banks


Of Neptune by Anna Banks is the last installment of the fantasy Triton/Poseidon mermaid trilogy. My rating for this novel was ★★☆☆☆.In this novel, Emma and Galen are on a vacation amongst themselves and go to Neptune, which is a town filled with Half-Breeds like Emma. Mysterious men come along and a good portion of the book is with Emma interacting with Reed, while Galen is caught up somewhere. Emma and Galen will need help in getting out safely.

Anna Banks has a different format of writing when she is in Emma’s POV. I almost get annoyed the whole way through reading Emma’s POV because it sounds like a whiney brat the whole time who seems to get any guy she wants because she must be the most beautiful girl a guy has ever seen. This being said she is my least favorite character. Banks does seem to get into the mind of a teenager and her writing reflects that with random pauses or fragmented like sentences which drive me crazy. The whole plot of this novel could have been a separate book and would not have hurt this wonderful ‘trilogy’ if it was combined with the second one. The abundance of new characters and random ones appearing really did not make me feel like it was supposed to be a part of the previous two novels that I actually enjoyed reading. I was more than happy to get to the end and then the epilogue felt like it was dragging on, just like the book. I was thrilled when I finished and took a minute break and moved on with my life.


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