A Break With Charity Review


“Are ye sure, Susanna English,” he intoned in his best preaching voice, “that everything you have told me here, this seventh day of August in the year of our Lord sixteen hungred and ninety-two, is true?
“Yes, Reverend, I am sure.”


A break with charity by Ann Rinaldi, in short was about the Salem witch trials that plagued the new world in the 1600s. I give this novel   ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (two stars out of five). The story felt dragged on while the characters had no real depth or connection to the reader. I found myself reading names several times without knowing who was who and there was an endless amount of names mentioned due to the witch accusations. The connection I had with the environment was amazing because Ann Rinaldi can make the book come to life with her descriptive language. Ann Rinaldi is an amazing author who never disappoints with the history aspect of it. Many parts of the novel was later told in the authors note that it was true and that surprised me. To take history and create an interesting authentic historical fiction novel deserves a round of applause. I thank Ann Rinaldi for a novel I not only pictured myself living in, but also learned from by reading it.FullSizeRender

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